Reining Transport – questionnaire


To help Reining determine necessities and changes to remain successful, ASBR was asked to conduct research in this area. A kind of baseline measurement from which Reining can make new plans. This survey focuses on employee satisfaction with Reining. The results of this survey are and will remain confidential and (strictly) anonymous.

The questionnaire consists of a number of statements and open questions. For each statement, you can indicate to what extent you agree with the statement on the basis of a scale ranging from “totally disagree” to “totally agree”. You have to answer the open questions in your own words.

Reining Transport questionnaire
1. I am satisfied with my current position.
2. I feel proud to work for this company.
3. My current position gives me energy and satisfaction.
4. I have sufficient opportunities for professional growth and development
5. I feel committed to the company and its goals.
6. I can share my suggestions and ideas openly within the company.
7. I feel supported by my immediate supervisor.
8. I experience a good work-life balance.
9. I experience job stability and job security within the organization.
10. I feel motivated to do my best work.
11. Communication within my team is clear and effective.
1. There is transparent communication within the organization about important decisions and changes.
2. The organization supports diversity and inclusiveness.
3. The organization's mission and values are clearly communicated.
4. I am satisfied with the work environment, including facilities and working conditions.
5. There is a pleasant atmosphere in the workplace.
6. The division of roles/hierarchy within Reining is determined in an efficient manner.
7. Management shows genuine interest and respect for employees.
8. I have confidence in the long-term vision and strategy of our organization.
9. I am satisfied with the way our organization handles employee feedback.
10. Management clearly and effectively communicates its expectations from us.
11. Management is able to resolve conflicts and problems within the team.
12. The organization invests in appropriate resources to perform our work efficiently.