Outplacement: searching for a new perspective in case of discharge

Our many years of experience in outplacement helps you to turn your misery into a new perspective and to find a job that really suits you.

There are occasions that, by their nature, have an impact on someone’s life. Discharge is a good example. The moment of being told that you are discharged, is often followed by a turbulent period full of uncertainty about your own qualities and about your future. It doesn’t really matter if such discharge is the result of economic circumstances or of personal functioning. A notice of discharge is and will remain a very annoying message that in some cases comes out of nowhere.

Good and well-aimed personal support is of great importance in case of a discharge:

  • to express and share feelings and emotions;
  • to start searching for a new perspective of yourself and of your career.

Outplacement by ASBR is always tailor-made:

the specific needs of the person that was discharged are– or will be – the central focus.

Two forms of outplacement can be differentiated:

Modular :

You compose your own process.

Full :

You go through the outplacement process.

To both forms of outplacement applies:

  • that our professionals will help you to get a clear image;
  • so you can shape your own future well-founded, with a fresh view and with regained