Coaching by ASBR: if you want to move ahead…

Regardless of your age; when it comes to your life and your work you are constantly developing. Unfortunately some things get snowed under. You do your work but there is this feeling of turmoil. Do you recognize this?

In such a case coaching by ASBR is exactly the right tool to get a grip and a clear view again of yourself, your talents and your career.

Coaching is mainly aimed at you getting to know yourself. From that perspective you can take new and fresh steps.

How does ASBR coaching work?

In coaching you are at the helm. We look over your shoulder and ask relevant questions that make you look at yourself from various – and different – perspectives. By looking from a distance at yourself, your beliefs and your ways of thinking, feeling and acting, you will literally start moving.

During our coaching we utilise:

  • Practice simulations;
  • tests;
  • questionnaires;
  • exercises centred at the person.

After every coaching session you will get homework for further practice or to work out.

Important conditions for coaching:

  • You have to be motivated;
  • You must have the courage to actually look at yourself;
  • You really must want to get to know yourself;
  • Your true aim must be to make steps from a new and fresh perspective.

The advantages of coaching by ASBR

Coaching is tailor-made work and must suit you. There is specific attention for the things in which you want to develop further. People that are being coached go through an enormous development in a relatively short period. This also has long-term effect.