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Recruitment by ASBR: always decisive!

ASBR understands better than anyone that a client “just” wants to recruit and select the best candidate. And that you as a candidate “just” want that dream job. This is what recruitment is all about: open, honest, transparent and effective recruitment and selection processes. We have been doing this since 1991, always striving to be leading and innovative. This is in our genes, ambition level and core values.

Our recruitment texts and online labor market campaigns stand out and are effective. Always based on data, market knowledge and years of experience. Combined with a clear vision, a complete selection process and a view of what is or is not feasible, our success rate is above average. Both for executive and within our own developed concept The new way of recruiting. The result? A satisfied client and a satisfied candidate.

Executive search ASBR

Executive search

ASBR has been recruiting and selecting university and college educated candidates for executive, management, staff and line positions in the North and Central Netherlands region since 1991.
Through our multidisciplinary team of HR advisors, recruiters, business consultants, psychologists and career consultants, we achieve the best results for you. From the four northern provinces, we serve our clients in, among others, the industrial, technical, construction and business services sectors.

Recruitment Het nieuwe werven

The new way of recruiting

ASBR claims to be “leading and innovative. A concrete example can be found within recruitment, where “The new way of recruiting” has taken its definitive place within innovative recruitment and a more decisive and transparent application process.
Applicants increasingly want to “meet first, then apply”. No longer do they just react to a piece of text. They first want to sample the atmosphere, talk to employees and assess career opportunities before deciding whether to respond to a vacancy.