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If you lose your job or are declared redundant


If you lose your job or are declared redundant, or if you are looking for a new job for any other reason, outplacement helps you to find a new job.

Your career coach gives you advice and guides you to find a new, suitable job. Sometimes the outplacement process takes an unexpected turn and we help you make a career switch or start your own business. So you can quickly get back to doing what you really enjoy. Actively working on your future in a role that suits you!

Outplacement by ASBR offers new perspective with a success rate of 96%. Each outplacement program is personal and therefore always customized.

The outplacement process - in full

Step 1. The intake

The intake interview is always free of charge. There must be a good match with the outplacement agency and with your coach. Despite the fact that we have coached hundreds of people over the years, it is not self-evident that we are the right coach for you. Outplacement is very personal and you must feel that we are the right coach for you, otherwise the outplacement process will not succeed. We are well aware of that. Hence the free intake without any obligation. During the intake you can ask all the questions that are important to you. Only after the intake interview will you decide if we are the right coach for you.

Step 2. Career scan

In addition to all the information we exchanged during the intake, we like to pick up the situation with you to go into depth together. We take a career scan, so that you can get a well-founded insight into your qualities, pitfalls, motives and motivation. After the scan we can tell you directly what your chances are on the job market and what you might have to do to increase your chances.

Step 3. Distinctive CV and personal profiling

You want to be well prepared in the current job market, competition is fierce. Your CV, motivation and personal profile are solid. Tailored to your specific qualities, search direction and core competencies. You know how to network effectively and have your story ready for job interviews. You don’t let yourself be surprised but you surprise your interviewers.

Step 4. Social Media workshop

The Social Media workshop introduces you to the power of this medium. You learn to make yourself visible and findable through LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You choose which medium suits you best. We agree on one thing: you want to be found for a new job.

Step 5. Training and coaching

Then we start with the training and coaching program that suits you and what you need. Customization! During this module you learn interview techniques, application skills, giving feedback and personal coaching, again specifically tailored to your needs. Many people who follow an outplacement program have not applied for a job for a long time. Writing a motivation, drafting your resume and conducting various interviews are all topics that come up. Video applications require just a different approach than ‘live’ interviews, this is where we practice well.

Step 6. Networking and applying for a job

You are all set. You have gained all the knowledge and skills to enter the job market. This is a very important moment because you cannot redo a job application or networking interview. Your pitch must be well matched to the question. For this very reason you have a personal coach who will prepare the interviews intensively with you. For many people, applying for a job or networking is not an everyday activity. To gain some experience, you can use the ASBR network so that you do not immediately fall into the deep end but can learn by doing. You evaluate these interviews with your coach to perfect your entry into the job market.

Step 7. Guidance in practice

You are about to enter the job market. Now you are going to put all the knowledge and experience you have gained into practice. Your first job applications will not immediately lead to the new job, which is why your coach is important to stay motivated and persevere until the result is there. You get personal guidance from your coach for 3 or 6 months or guidance with a job guarantee. Depending on your budget, you get guidance without or with a job guarantee. The latter is of course the best but also expensive and, let’s be honest, not always necessary. During the entire coaching period you will have access to our portal which contains all the vacancies published in the Netherlands. This facilitates searching or the many different job boards. You have a quick overview in a certain region for the jobs you are looking for in a very accessible environment.

Outplacement van ASBR


Why choose ASBR?

  • Because we operate from multiple locations, there is always a coach near you who will personally guide you to the next step in your career with new perspective.
  • During the entire outplacement process at ASBR, as a participant you will have one coach to help you, which is very pleasant.
  • You can have intensive contact with your coach via e-consultation or telephone.
  • Through ASBR you have access to a large network of potential employers because we have been active since 1991 and also offer recruitment services.
  • Hundreds of candidates have gone before you over the years. Almost 96% found a new challenge within the agreed upon coaching period.
Outplacement- werk naar werk begeleiding

What does an outplacement program at ASBR cost?

At ASBR you can follow an outplacement program starting from € 1.250,-.

Do you have an outplacement budget and would you like to know what outplacement program ASBR can offer you? Please contact us. We will gladly tell you what your possibilities are.