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Your potential. Your future.

Assessments from ASBR

Assessments are effective methodologies used to gather targeted and objective information about a person’s abilities, personality and skills.

Your career. Your future.

Career counseling from ASBR

Career counseling from ASBR is a perfect tool for clarifying issues and bringing new focus and direction to your career.


Your work-to-work path. Your future.

Outplacement from ASBR

Outplacement is work-to-work counseling. If you lose your job or are declared redundant or if you are looking for new work for any other reason, outplacement helps you find new work.


Your ambition. Your future.

Recruitment from ASBR

ASBR has been recruiting and selecting university and college educated candidates for executive, management, staff and line positions in the North and Central Netherlands region since 1991.

Executive search ASBR

Your development. Your future.

Training courses and workhops from ASBR

Communication, inspiration, leadership or personal effectiveness are the main topics of our training courses and workshops.

All training courses and workshops are aimed at increasing your effectiveness and are inspiring, interactive and close to practice. Your personal learning goal is the thread that runs through the training and forms the input for targeted exercises. You exchange experiences and learn from each other.

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