Career counseling

Your career. Your future.

Career advice from ASBR. Are you still happy in your current job?


1. Career Orientation

First questions, first answers.

To take a good, next step in your career, of course, you must first have a good understanding of where you are now. What have you done so far and what are you really proud of? And what do you dream of? A conversation with one of our career counselors can give you further direction.

2. Career Scan

Insight into your personal qualities and possibilities.

Do you have questions about your career, but do not (yet) want to start a complete career program? Then the ASBR career scan is an ideal, low-threshold instrument to give you insight into your personal qualities and possibilities.

Career advice from ASBR: giving direction to your career.

Your career. Your future.

3. Career exploration

Knowing where you stand, knowing where you want to go.

Sometimes you just know you need to take a different turn in your life where your career is concerned. You want answers to important questions like “Who am I?”, “What can I do?” and “What do I really want?”. An ASBR career assessment gives you answers to these questions and helps you give direction to your career.

4. Career Coaching

An extra pair of eyes and ears can help you along.

You have several years of work experience and you feel like you’re doing quite well, but you may still have been asking questions such as “Is this what I really want?”, “Should I change my approach? ‘ or ‘Am I using my talents enough?’ These, and many other questions, can start to bother you quite a bit in the long run.

5. Coaching personal effectiveness

Behavior Change.

Do you want to exhibit more effective behavior and better stand up for your personal views and opinions, without hurting others? Coaching personal effectiveness gives you the tools to better deal with bottlenecks or problems in your work situation.

6. The Career Boost

Give your career a boost!

Sometimes you feel like something needs to happen in your career, you want to “go on a journey,” on to your new destination. You just don’t quite know where you want to go. The ASBR Career Boost offers a low-threshold way to think about your future.