Selection assessment

When you go for “the perfect match”

With a selection assessment by ASBR, the right person in the right place is of course the goal.

With a selection assessment, the right person in the right place is of course the goal. However, making the right match is a responsible and complex matter, which is often underestimated. After all, how often does it not happen that a selected candidate ultimately does not live up to expectations? A selection assessment by ASBR maximizes the chance of a good match.

What is a selection assessment?

A selection assessment provides insight into how someone can or will most likely function in the future position. With a psychological examination information is purposefully and objectively collected about capacities, personality and skills. In addition to psychological research, practical simulations are also used to map behavior and skills. This creates a good insight into the capacities and the actual behavior in the future position.

What does a selection assessment look like?

What a selection assessment will look like always depends on the position being applied for. For example, a managerial position will of course be tested for leadership qualities. For example, in other positions, more emphasis can be placed on the presence of analytical skills, commercial skills or the ability to set priorities. Prior to the research, we map out the exact question, the job level and the associated competencies together with the client. The candidate will then receive an invitation to the assessment day. During the test day, the candidate will be presented with tests relating to personality, abilities, motivation and interests that are tailored to the question, as well as an interview with a psychologist registered with the NIP.