Development assessment

Clear view of talents, knowing where you stand!

“What do you really want?” and “What can you do?”

These are important questions that everyone should regularly consider in order to enjoy their work – and keep it that way! – and to make full use of and further develop talents. That is easier said than done, especially when the following questions come into play:

  • “Do I have the necessary capabilities to grow into a new position?”
  • “I am not (yet) functioning fully / properly in my current position. What options do I have in terms of support in my professional development?”
  • “I’m ‘stuck’. Which position suits me well?”

Using a development assessment from ASBR is very useful when these kinds of questions arise.

A development assessment makes it clear where someone stands and what the talents and areas for development are.

No wishful thinking, but the real story. In this way, targeted follow-up steps can be taken that offer real perspective and save time and money.

What does a development assessment look like?

What a development assessment will look like depends on the question and the candidate. The question is formulated with the client prior to the assessment.

Regularly occurring components are ability tests, personality questionnaires, interest questionnaires, in-depth interview, practical simulations and role plays.

A development meeting will be scheduled at a later date. The report, the possibilities and the logical next steps are discussed. The candidate receives good – and above all realistic – advice, so that he can shape the future in a well-founded and with a fresh perspective. Coaching programs and training courses can also be used for this purpose.