Intelligence testing

Knowing where you stand

What is your level of work and thinking?

With the intelligence test information about someone’s working and thinking level is collected in an objective way. The intelligence test can be used when you are wondering whether someone meets the required work and thinking level for a certain function or (admission to) an education. Depending on the question we can specifically look at written language skills, arithmetic skills, technical aptitude, administrative insight, speed and accuracy and problem solving abilities.
If dyslexia or dyscalculia is suspected, the capacity test can also provide a first indication of whether this is the case.

Content and method

During the capacity test, by means of various tests and questionnaires, the general working and thinking level is examined. Depending on the question, specific attention is paid to, for example, problem solving ability, overview of situations, reporting skills, arithmetic skills, technical aptitude, administrative insight and pace and accuracy.

Content of a intelligence test

Exactly what a intelligence test will look like always depends on the question.
Prior to the research we map out the exact question together with the client.
The intelligence test itself consists of several tests and questionnaires that often have to be made under time pressure.
After the research we give feedback to both client and candidate. After this, a written report is drawn up, containing the most important results and conclusions of the research.