Your potential. Your future.


Assessments are the most effective method of collecting targeted, neutral and objective information about a person’s abilities, personality and skills. Depending on the question, we determine the interplay of the tests that we use. Always strictly certified and more than valid tests. Because we don’t want to have a discussion about that and our NIP-registered psychologists can concentrate 100% on the question. To measure behavior and skills, assessments use modern practical case studies and/or online simulations in addition to psychological research. For example, the candidate is confronted with situations that are representative of the practice of a future position, task or role. This is the best and most valid way to assess skills and possible future behavior.

1. Selection assessment

When you go for “the perfect match”.  With a selection assessment, the right person in the right place is of course the goal. However, making the right match is a responsible and complex matter, which is often underestimated. After all, how often does it not happen that a selected candidate ultimately does not live up to expectations? A selection assessment by ASBR maximizes the chance of a good match.

2. Development assessment

Clear view of talents, knowing where you stand! ‘What do you really want?’ and ‘What can you do?’ are important questions that everyone should regularly consider in order to enjoy their work – and keep it that way! – and to fully utilize and further develop talents and qualities. A development assessment by ASBR makes it clear where you are at the moment and what your talents and areas for development are.

Assessment by ASBR: a wonderful starting point for your development.

Your potential. Your future.

3. Intelligence testing

What is your working and thinking level? With ASBR’s  intelligence testing, targeted and objective information is collected about your working and thinking level. The capacity assessment can also be used in cases where dyslexia or dyscalculia are suspected.

4. Modular testing

Targeted questions, targeted answers. ASBR modular tests are a very effective means of gaining insights and making your qualities and talents visible. The test results provide targeted answers to numerous important questions and help you to be or become successful in your current or next job.