About ASBR

ASBR - Who we are

Our HR company has its origins in 1991. Our vision is that competent and inspired employees are the key to the success of any organization. Organizations and employees are constantly being asked to adapt to a constantly changing future. A future in which every employee is the owner of his own development and career. Hence, for a number of years now, we have been propagating: “Your career. Your future. ASBR”.
However, this is only possible if employees are allowed to take control, constant learning and development is high on the agenda and HR development is fully incorporated as a strategic part of the organizational policy. Only then is an integral and sustainable connection made between strategy, organization and employee. That is what ASBR realizes. We want to be leading and innovative in personal development and career planning! Perhaps it is also no coincidence that for decades we have found the greatest connection with clients who are future-oriented, innovative and (want to be) innovative. Who want to move forward, be sharp, change and invest consciously and wholeheartedly in human capital. Who look to the future with fresh eyes and full confidence.

Within our business units ASBR Compaz and ASBR YouManagement, 20 passionate specialists work. Our multidisciplinary team of HR advisors, recruiters, business consultants, NIP registered psychologists and otherwise certified career advisors, is also at your service.

We have our own locations in Groningen, Hoogezand, Eelde and Zwolle. We have implementation locations in Utrecht, Amersfoort, Leeuwarden, Emmen and Enschede, among others. For a number of large customers we even work all over the country, which is no problem at all in these times and with an office network of our partners.

"Do what you enjoy doing."

For many years my personal motto has been “Do what you enjoy doing.” If we now manage to realize that with a large proportion of our clients and contacts, we as ASBR will be successful as far as I am concerned.

Edwin Klomp, Managing Director ASBR

ASBR - What we stand for

In choosing our name, we were inspired by our core values:

Ambition, Skills, Brains and Resources


We at ASBR possess a hefty dose of ambition; we set clear goals for ourselves and others, and we want to achieve them. We always and everywhere want to move forward, not sit still. We like to lead by example. Even better, we enable others to accelerate.


To achieve goals, we deploy our skills. We develop these constantly and in a variety of ways. All in the service of clients. We have the right skills to properly guide your question and achieve the desired result. Otherwise, we won’t do it.


At ASBR, we are inspired and skilled professionals. We are all specialists in our field and highly educated. Through education and years of experience, we possess the most up-to-date know-how. We are problem solvers and able to reason abstractly, logically and consistently. Sometimes a bit headstrong, but always ‘with reason’.


We know the right sources or seek them out; we always let you benefit from them. Whether in-house or external data, experience or expert knowledge. We ensure that we always tap into the right sources. Neutral and reliable sources. We are happy to share all our sources so that you, or your organization, can continue to “grow and prosper.”


Our logo

As a logo, Chiron, the wisest centaur in Greek mythology, supports our core values.
In Greek mythology we know Chiron, the oldest and wisest centaur, as the teacher of Achilles, among others. ASBR’s core values are all represented in Chiron.
The ambitious character Chiron shows by wanting to continuously develop himself, in many areas. He has the right sources of information and is able to absorb a great deal of knowledge. Chiron is also the only centaur with the skills to transfer his knowledge and share it with others.